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Do You Need An IT Assessment?

Do you sometimes wonder if your IT organization is up to speed? Would your company, institution, or organization benefit from an overall assessment of your IT capabilities?

Bestul & Associates LLC has a proven methodology for helping identify critical areas for improvement as well as areas where your organization is doing well.

  • Leadership – key areas of assessment include governance, strategy, organizational structure, and budget. How are your top IT leaders performing in terms of fulfilling the business mission?

  • Application Systems – what systems are in play, and who is responsible for managing them? Are they on premise, in the cloud, hosted, or some mixture of all the above? How are you managing “shadow IT”? Where are there duplicates that can be eliminated or reduced?

  • Services – how are services being delivered to your organization? Are they in house, outsourced, or some combination? Are SLA/OLA agreements in place? What is the organization's perception of IT services?

  • Security – how does your organization measure up with security? Is there a Security Operations Center (SOC) in place? What tools and products are being used to monitor and report on security incidents? Are your physical assets appropriately secured? Are there security policies, procedures, and training established?

  • Infrastructure – how is your network, server and telephony environment configured? Are there concerns about aging equipment and funding for replacement? Is your technical infrastructure primarily on premise, in the cloud, or some mixture of the two? Do you have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place?

  • Staffing – how is your IT area staffed, and are the skills of current employees keeping up with technology changes? Are you using any contracted or outsourced resources to fulfill the IT mission? Are salaries and benefits competitive with your industry?

For more information, or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact Bestul & Associates LLC at

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