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Be A Tough Act To Follow

If you are currently a CIO, or are in a similar leadership position in technology, always be a “tough act to follow”. Of the several CIO positions I have assumed, so far in my experience all of them came in on the heels of a predecessor who had so many odd quirks that it made me look like a superstar, or at least normal, by comparison!

I’ve seen offices that needed to be cleaned out of chicken feathers because my predecessor CIO sold eggs at the office. I’ve seen dog urine stains on carpet because my predecessor CIO brought show dogs to work that nipped at customer’s heels. I’ve seen audits and investigations day one because of the mess my predecessor CIO left behind. I’ve seen a guy who collected moving expenses three times - but never moved. I’ve seen a CIO who seldom reported to work, but managed to somehow hang onto his job for 10 years.

Who are these people??!!

Whatever you do, don’t be that person. Be the steady rock that gets things done, the one who is the voice of reason, that doesn’t leave behind scandal and disruption in your wake. When you do leave, whether that’s voluntary or involuntary, make them sorry to see you go and wish for your return, although you can really never go back.

Get used to that idea too. Once you make a move, even if it wasn’t what you expected, do not be tempted to “go back” to where you came from. It will never be the same. The only way forward is… forward.

Carry on CIOs!

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